BORDERS is committed to solving real-world border-relevant problems based on scientific data. With new priorities and urgencies developing daily, simply thinking of an idea is not sufficient. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Based on the foundations of design science and the last research mile, our research focuses on creating value by making ideas happen. We build systems using scientific data and develop useful theories from experience on the border. Our research approach can be summarized in the following three steps:

Proof of concept: Test to determine whether the technology works. Tackling a real problem, proposing a new solution, listening carefully to reactions, devising a prototype, and testing and evaluating the prototype.

Proof of value: Test to determine the value created. Testing whether the prototype is sufficiently robust and functional to solve one important, painful problem. This is established in the lab and the field.

Proof of use: Test to determine wide-spread use. This involves transferring the product to end-users and creating customized systems.

Our 3-step research methodology unravels the complexities of border security problems and an understanding of what is really going on. This results in useful advice for operational personnel and policy makers and lasting value for society in actionable terms.